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Developed artists have a far better chance at success than non-developed artists

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Welcome to Star Factory! There aren’t too many careers more exciting yet as taxing as being a recording artist. Salute to you for jumping out into the sea of music-making land! Here at Star Factory, we love recording artists, and we further more, we love helping singers live out their wildest dreams.  


After discovering all the great things you’ve already done in your career, our team will customize a “Pick Up Where You Left Off” package that “meets you where you are” to allow you to plug into the most amazing development and branding experience we have to offer. Please fill out the form below to request a free consultation.


Your entire experience here at Star Factory will be crafted by Artist Development guru, Brandon Smith, who is an industry leader in the field of developing recording artists. It also helps that he wrote songs for Trey Songz and The Backstreet Boys. ;)


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